What is C-TPAT?

When people think C-TPAT, they haven’t a clue what it is. What is C-TPAT, you ask? Well that’s quite simple. C-TPAT stands for the Customs-Trade Partnership against terrorism. It is quite the long title but what it’s about is pretty simple. Essentially, it is a voluntary supply chain security that is a program led by both the Border protection and U.S. Customs that helps focus on improving the security of a variety of private companies supply chains, with respect to terrorism. Rather than put a company at risk, C-TPAT helps to eliminate the risk.

What is C-TPAT, to me?

If you work in a private company or own a private company, essentially C-TPAT will help keep you safer. There will be less risk when it comes to terrorism, and more benefits to you working in the company and also helping to eliminate fraud and risk to your life. If you like the thought of living longer, C-TPAT will help put your mind at rest.

C-TPAT helps to extend the borders

As the risk of people breaking in increases, C-TPAT helps to lower that risk. Essentially with the partnership between the two, it helps to get a better risk assessment and targeting, which helps CBP to allocate more time in relation to more closely inspecting resources much more closely when it comes to questionable shipments.

How does C-TPAT work?

Now that you know the answer to, “What is C-TPAT”, it is a good time to learn how it works. When they join the anti-terror partnership, essentially companies sign an agreement to work more closely with the customer trade partnership group to protect the supply chain, identify security gaps, and to help implement certain specific security measures as well as the best practices possible. On top of that customer trade partnership partners provide a detailed security profile helping to outline security measures the company has in place, and customer trade partnership helps to improve upon their methods for their supply chains. If you decide to be a C-TPAT partner, essentially you’re considered as a lower risk and thus, you can generally have more flexibility when it comes to your supply chain and conduct business at a faster pace.

With enough people partnering with C-TPAT, it helps to slow down terrostic activity in association with trades and helps to grow to the economy to new unforeseen levels and lets the government focus in more detail on the bigger risk areas of the world.

To find out more about what C-TPAT does, read on here.