C-TPAT Requirements

When it comes to working with C-TPAT, you have to make sure that you hit all the C-TPAT requirements before you’re considered for certification. The main requirements are that you actually fall in the right business in order to apply for C-TPAT in the first place.

What businesses are accepted into C-TPAT?

If you’re in a business that involves import, you’re in luck. Chances are the business in which you run does apply for C-TPAT. Some of the type of businesses that do are U.S./Mexico highway carriers, sea, rail, and area carriers, terminal operators, as well as air carriers, warehouse operators, manufacturers, U.S. Customs brokers, U.S. Marine Port Authority,  U.S./Canada Highway carriers, as well as Mexican manufacturers and certain foreign manufacturers are accepted. In addition, U.S. Air freight consolidators, as well as ocean transport intermediates and non-vessel operating common carriers are accepted into the program as well. If you fall into this list, this means that you’re most certainly accepted into the program as long as you comply with the required C-TPAT guidelines set in place.

How do I get certified for C-TPAT?

A lot of people think they will have to go through a complicated process when in fact; it couldn’t be farther from the truth! C-TPAT makes it easy. All you have to do is complete an online application that you can find at their page, www.cpb.gov and that includes corporate information, a supply chain security profile, acknowledgment and an agreement to voluntarily participate with C-TPAT compliance. On top of that, you will have to make sure to conduct a very comprehensive assessment of your supply chain, as well as your chain security procedures following C-TPAT’s security criteria. It may seem overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of what C-TPAT is looking for, it’s really quite easy!

Can C-TPAT handle all this?

If you would rather like to skip the certification process but still work with C-TPAT you can do that. Basically, you would be turning over all your cross-border activities over to a C-TPAT certified partner. As part of this evolution of this C-TPAT program, a fairly new enrollment category was created in 2008 to help certify third parties that help to demonstrate an interest and a clear commitment to improving their supply chain and cargo security! By choosing to work with a certified partner, you’re helping to assure that your goods are in good hands and will be transported safely and quickly throughout North America.

Whatever you decide, by working with C-TPAT you improve your over-all business productiveness, increase awareness for security purposes, and build a stronger more healthy business that you never thought was quite possible before learning about C-TPAT. So what’re you waiting for, go work towards getting certified with C-TPAT today!

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